Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's New?

This is the first installment of the "What's New?" series featuring the latest works by Finding Fine Art artists. The Finding Fine Art team is a curated group of visual artists selling original fine art on Etsy.

Jack by Chris Zahner - Mixed media on wood, 8 x 10

Chris on Jack: "I finished this piece on Saturday. It's part of a series I'm working on where I draw all the members of the senior class from a 1972 yearbook. He's Jack. I like the fact that he's probably only 18 years old, but tried to look older for his picture. Funny, I look through these yearbook photos and wonder what became of these people as their lives moved forward." 

 From the Trees by Philippa Jones - Original hand pulled etching

Cotton Candy Kaleidoscope by Sarah John Afana - Mixed media on canvas, 30" x 30"

Poetic interpretation by the artist herself... "Floating weightless and spinning through the air the crystal particles glisten and shine enchanting with their wink."

Snowy Plein Air Landscape by  Joy Appenzeller Bauer - Oil on canvas, 11" x 14"

 Joy's latest painting is painted "ala prima (wet-in-wet) rather quickly in the traditional Impressionism genre."

Borrowed Underwear by Gabriele Maurus - Mixed media on canvas, 12" x 12"

 Urban Sunset by Kim VanDerHoek - Oil on linen panel, 6" x 8"

Kim was inspired her view from home. "When the sky is this dramatic, I have to pick up my paintbrush! This view is just above my neighbor’s house. Every time the sun sets, I am treated to a stunning view."

Textures in the Shed by Nancy Bray - Photograph

Nancy shot this photograph in her friend's shed. "Interesting articles stacked in the the corner of an old shed... I was taken by all of the different textures; wood, basket weave, twisted wire - all in rich, warm tones to create a beautiful still life for me to photograph."

 Museum Mannequin by Jen Ashmen - Watercolor and ink, 5" x 8.5"

Jen shared that this was "painted at the Noyes Museum of Art in Oceanville, New Jersey. This piece features a worn yet beautiful plastic mannequin in front of a vibrantly abstract painting".

Onion Bulb by Kristina Closs - Watercolor on paper, 10" x 11" 

Finally we have this beautiful painting by Kristina Closs which is brand new and already sold! (Hint hint - if you love a work of original art, remember, it's an original, and once it's gone, it's gone!)


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  2. I like Jack! :)
    And I would really like to hear the story behind "Borrowed underwear"!

    ~Happy weekend!
    Tina Will

  3. From the Trees appears to be a photograph, it's amazing that it's an etching. So beautful.......!

  4. Fabulous blog! Thank you so much for the feature!

  5. Thank you so much for the feature! The other artists work posted here is so beautiful.

  6. Enjoyed seeing new artists I hadn't known about before. Thanks for the post.

  7. Fantastic texture in "Borrowed Underwear"