Monday, May 16, 2011

Artist Feature - Jaye Fox

Today's featured artist is Jaye Fox who is now our new team captain! I (Jessica) have stepped down to a leader position and will continue to support and promote the team as Jaye takes the captain's chair. Here is a little more information about Jaye in her own words. 

I'm a classically-trained oil painter, just like they used to make 'em. Subject matter is generally less important to me than the sensibility or idea that brings a particular painting into being. My intent is that each piece have a life and personality of its own. I pay a lot of attention to composition, and how compositional choices affect the "feel" or emotional resonance that a piece holds for the viewer. My work has been featured in publications including failbetter and the Manhattan Users Guide.

I co-direct an art gallery in North Adams, Mass.; Please visit if you're passing through the Berkshires, our little corner of New England! 

Visit Jaye's shop to discover more incredible, original fine art.

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