Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fine Art Friday - Take One

The first Fine Art Friday was a great success considering we decided to go for it and set up all of the sites in a matter of two days - two days! People got on board in the Etsy thread, on Twitter, our Flickr group and Tumblr sharing their favorite art. I think one of the greatest successes we had was being "tweeted" by an art site on Twitter with over 3,000 followers! It's just going to get better from here and we're so grateful for everyone that has participated in any and all ways.

We were hoping for a Fine Art Friday treasury to make the front page on Friday, but it didn't happen. Since it's such a new thing, perhaps it just took a bit for Etsy to take notice of our efforts. Instead, we had TWO "FineArtFriday" (update: THREE!) tagged treasuries make the front page today! Some have been a little upset that items not considered traditional "Fine Art" are included in some of the treasuries, but to that I say A. there's no controlling the content of anyone's choices in a treasury and B. the more attention we get for the movement, the better. We'd like to encourage everyone to make all art treasuries but if you don't, we won't be banging down your doors demanding you to edit them. This is a free and open movement, free of hard set rules, free and open for people to express themselves as they like. Items included in treasuries may not fit the criteria of "Fine Art" but the act of curating a treasury can be like creating a work of art unto itself. Also, the tag is a link to other treasuries also tagged with "FineArtFriday" and that helps us all in the end.

Here are the two treasuries that made the front page today. Congratulations to the curators and let's keep them coming!

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