Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fine Art Friday

What is it?
Fine Art Friday was created by Jessica Torrant to bring awareness to independent artists online. It began on Twitter and is now expanding to many other venues. Sarah John Afana is the co-manager of the Fine Art Friday movement and together we are putting together a number of ways people can show off and share their favorite art online once a week. It's a day of celebration, of sharing and promotion of Fine Artists online.

How can I participate?
Anyone can participate and here's how!

Every Friday share links to your favorite Fine Art (or your own for that matter) with the hashtag #FineArtFriday. This creates a search-able keyword to click on and view other participating Twitter posts. You can also share links to your special Fine Art Friday blog posts or Fine Art Friday Etsy treasuries. We have created a Fine Art Friday Twitter account so we can retweet our favorites and keep a weekly history of this movement. Follow us at

Join our Flickr group where you can share your Fine Art and meet and greet fellow artists! This is a public group so we ask that you be conscientious of our intentions and add appropriate images to the pool. Anything that is considered Fine Art is welcome - including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and mixed media. (If I'm missing something here, let me know). You can upload up to 3 images a day to the pool and we may tweet your image on Fridays on Twitter. Join the group here -

All of the Etsy community is welcome and encouraged to join in on the Fine Art Friday fun! You can create all art treasuries on Thursday or Friday and tag them FineArtFriday (no spaces) so we can search through everyone's curated collections. I'm particularly excited to see the variety of styles, subjects, materials, etc. that are sure to show a wide range of artistic interest and tastes. You can promote your treasuries in our special promotions thread on Etsy here
and keep the FAF business thread alive by posting a hello or whatever you'd like here

You can do special Fine Art Friday blog posts about anything under the Fine Art sun that interests you. Perhaps it's a feature of an artist you admire or an artist interview, maybe it's about what art means to you, what art moves you, or what you love about a particular medium or style. It's up to you! Share the blog on Twitter with the #FineArtFriday hashtag, in the Etsy promo thread, post the link on the Fine Art Friday Facebook Page or anywhere else you'd like to share news of the Fine Art Friday movement. We would appreciate you including a link to this blog or our Twitter account if you do make a Fine Art Friday blog post so you can help spread the word!

Share your Fine Art Friday love on Tumblr with the tag FineArtFriday (no spaces) and we will reblog our favorites and perhaps tweet them as well. Follow our new Tumblr Finding Fine Art blog here

Come share your favorite art with us at the Fine Art Friday Facebook Page. Feel free to add links to your online portfolio, shop, flickr photos…anywhere you share your art can be added to the wall.

What's next?
We will launch the official start of Fine Art Friday this Friday, November 5, 2010. As this is just the beginning, stay with us as this movement grows and expands, widening out to include other social networking sites and the like. If you have any questions, please contact us at Sarah and I are a team, making it easier to juggle the workload and giving us the ability to take over if one is out of town or unavailable on any given Friday. We look forward to watching this grow and working together with everyone that participates. This is going to be a lot of fun and we're both really excited about it!


  1. thanks for giving me something to look forward to!
    ps i tried the twitter link above and it didn't work.

  2. this is awesome....i'm looking forward to reading the posts and all the inspiration i know will come from this....Thank you for putting it out there on in the internet waves!

  3. Not sure if Sarah updated it or not but the twitter link should be working now. Thanks friends! I'm just giddy about it!

  4. i'm loving the sound of this!! way to go sarah :) hope to join in soon

  5. I love this and am following. Thanks.

  6. I don't have a blog and I don't twitter, but maybe you guys can call attention to this fab group of prof. artists:

  7. Hey, three cheers for your passion and dedication! Found you on Twitter and linked you here: