Thursday, November 18, 2010

A new and easy way to shop for Fine Art on Etsy has become the go-to website for arts, crafts, vintage goods and craft supplies. The number of new items listed every minute can be overwhelming and make shopping for one particular thing a challenge. Artists and art buyers alike have complained in the past that it's a challenge to find Fine Art when shopping on the site. Even though there's so many talented artists selling on Etsy, their art can easily disappear amidst the sheer volume of other merchandise being offered.

Now there is a new way to shop for Fine Art on Etsy that makes it easy to find gallery quality, original two and three dimensional art, hand pulled prints, and photography. We have created a growing, curated team of visual artists on Etsy whose work fits the categories of original paintings, drawings and mixed media works, sculpture, printmaking or photography. These artists have tagged appropriate items that fit the requirements with the tag "findingfineart" so buyers can search that tag for a virtual gallery experience.

You can also search for a particular medium or style within the team. The following are some examples of what you'll discover searching for findingfineart original paintings.

Search for original drawings from our team...

(not a photograph, this is a pencil drawing!)

Discover a diverse collection of original mixed media works.

Search for hand pulled prints like wood and lino cuts, and serigraphs.

You can also search for Fine Art photography from our team.

And finally, we have a growing group of sculptors on the team that are sure to delight you.

This team is new and growing quickly. The artists featured above are just a fraction of the many talented members of this team. Please visit the Finding Fine Art team page to view all of our members' shops.

Artists interesting in joining this team should visit the team page linked in the previous paragraph, and read about requirements in the "Who can join?" section to see if you'd be a good fit. 

- Written and curated by Finding Fine Art Team Captain, Jessica Torrant


  1. Thank you Jessica!! Have a creative weekend!!

  2. Jessica, thanks so much! Sooooo many talented artists on etsy, wow! Through this team I have many new favorites already!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wonderful work and thanks for sharing!